10 Best Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

Buying gifts for whiskey drinkers, appreciators and obsessives has never been easier, thanks to a bevy of products on the market.  

Whether the person on your list is drawn to Scotch, whisk(e)y, bourbon or rye, there are beautiful accessories that anyone would appreciate receiving.  

Here at Wine Enthusiast, we’ve collected a stellar list of products from our own catalog, ready to order online quickly and easily. From glasses to decanters to décor, we’ve got something for any whiskey lover on your list. 

1. Personalized Barrel Whiskey Bootleg Kit  

For anyone who has dreamed of making their own whiskey, this kit is the perfect gift. The one comes with an American white oak barrel and stand, plus a bung and spigot that are charred and can be personalized. Inside, you’ll also find a set of three essence flavors: Kentucky Bourbon, Tennessee Whiskey and Highland Malt Scotch, as well as a funnel and cleaning kit. 

It’s easy to use (with complete instructions), and the barrel makes a classy conversation piece while the whiskey is aging.

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2. Lattice Whiskey Decanter and Glasses Set 

You can’t go wrong with a traditional decanter-and-glasses set as a present. This elegant and sophisticated mouth-blown crystal set has been cut, polished and lattice-etched by hand, allowing the facets to catch the light and make your spirit shine.

The decanter can be personalized with a monogram. The tumblers are cleverly designed with a rounded ball at the base that fits into the acacia wood coasters, allowing for a smooth rotation to release the aromas of the whiskey without spilling.  

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3. Exclusive Personalized Zenology Whiskey Glass Set of Two 

Thoughtfully designed in conjunction with Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s Spirits Editor, Kara Newman, these glasses maximize the complex flavors and aromas of premium whiskey. Inspired by our best-selling Zenology wine glasses, this set is handcrafted from crystal glass with a unique tulip shaped bowl and can be personalized with a monogram. The elegant shape is not so narrow that it unpleasantly concentrates the alcohol’s fumes, and it’s also large enough to accommodate ice cubes.

Plus, its short stem allows for touch-free swirling, which will preserve the whiskey’s temperature. These glasses are lightweight and easily fit in the dishwasher.

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4. Bourbon Barrel Nutcracker 

If you’re looking for a playful gift, this festive and fun nutcracker will make any bourbon lover smile. The 14-inch-tall wooden decoration wears a bourbon barrel hat and an apron that says “Keep Your Friends Close and Your Bourbon Closer.” It’s hand-painted and is a fully functioning nutcracker.

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5. The Rauk Heavy Tumbler 

This heavyweight glass is as much of a work of art as it is an functional piece that will enhance your recipient’s sipping experience.

Taking its name from the Old Scottish word for “rock,” the glass was developed for whiskey drinkers who prefer their spirit chilled. Inside the glass is an array of extruded chevrons radiating from the center, which provide friction points for gripping ingredients used in muddled drinks.

Rather than using traditional cut crystal, this glass is formed by a machine pressing the molten unleaded crystal into a complex five-part mold. It also comes wrapped in an elegant box, ensuring beautiful presentation for your gift. 

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6. Whiskey Cigar Glass 

Whiskey and cigars seem to go so well together, making this glass a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates both. The glass has a built-in cigar holder, making it easy to sip, puff and relax. The adjustable cigar grip is elevated to keep condensation away and the glass fits into the included non-slip silicone coaster. The uniquely shaped glass, which can be monogrammed, has a round bowl and a square base, and it can be used with or without the cigar holder.

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7. Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Flight Tray with Glencairn Glasses 

You don’t have to be a whiskey connoisseur to appreciate this handsome flight set made in the U.S.A., but it certainly helps. The exquisite wooden tray is handcrafted from an authentic whiskey barrel, fitted with sturdy cast-iron handles, and can be personalized with your recipient’s name for the ultimate gift. Included in the set are five classic Glencairn glasses, known for channeling and releasing the delicate aromas and flavors of whiskey.

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8. Personalized Whiskey Eye Chart Sign 

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a whiskey obsessive with a sense of humor, look no further. This tongue-in-cheek sign is meant to resemble a chart to test eyesight after a glass or three of the strong stuff. It can be personalized, plus it’s made from recycled steel that’s mounted on a reclaimed wood frame. It will look perfect in any home bar, kitchen, office, or garage and is sure to draw plenty of smiles.

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9. Personalized Poker Ace Whiskey Glass Gift Set 

Any poker lover who also appreciate a fine whiskey is sure to fall for this gift. The five-piece JoyJolt/Wine Enthusiast set comes in a sleek gift box and includes premium playing cards, whiskey stones that double as playing dice, stainless-steel mini tongs, and a square heavy tumbler with the ace of clubs engraved on two sides and a personalized design on another.

The dice whiskey are perfect for enjoying a drink on the rocks without it getting watered down. When they’re through, the giftee can use the mini tongs to remove the dice and use them for a game.

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10. Personalized Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Bar Shelf 

This handsome shelf will look distinguished and sophisticated over any home bar. Made from reclaimed whiskey barrels with authentically distressed wine hoops, this one-of-a-kind rustic, vintage shelf is perfect for displaying prized bottles.

Make it personal by adding a family name and year for your loved one. 

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Published on November 10, 2022