13 small home office ideas – how to create the perfect WFH setup in a tiny space

Looking for stylish small home office ideas? Working from home, if not full time for at least part of our working week, has become the norm for so many of us now. And for us small space dwellers who don’t have a large room to dedicate to a workspace, finding the perfect spot to work from can be tricky – the kitchen table or (on lazier days) the sofa will only suffice for so long. 

But actually, carving out a dedicated workspace even in the tiniest of homes could be more straightforward than you think. You just have to get creative – an unused alcove, a dead space under the eaves, even a ‘cloffice’ is now a feasible option to create a practical, functioning, productive place to spend your working day. So be inspired by these small home office ideas and wave goodbye to days spent slouched over your laptop in bed or sat uncomfortably on a bar stool on the kitchen island. 

1. Turn an awkward nook into a small home office

Office built into the alcove of a rustic white living room

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

So you think you don’t have room for a home office? Well while you might not have a room for a home office, you can definitely find some room in your home that you can transform. Alcoves are always our first port of call. These are often dead space, that can be used for so much more than just storage.