27 Bathroom Color Ideas to Inspire Your Next DIY Project

Sure, you could spend months—and thousands of dollars—on a bathroom remodel, but why not simply transform your bathroom with a coat of paint? Bathroom color ideas abound, and the spaces are the perfect place to play with paint, which can stand up to splashes and steam better than wallpaper. The color you choose can really set the tone for the entire design and the finished space, whether you go for a bright jewel-box feel or a light and serene retreat.

When it comes to bathrooms, white never goes out of style. Cool whites will create a crisp and clean look, and off-whites will warm up a dark space. For a look that’s on trend, try complementing white with a dark accent color, such as navy blue, hunter green, or black.

When choosing your paint color, keep the style of your space in mind. Is your bathroom sleek and modern with a clean-lined tub and vanity, or is it a traditional space with moldings and more ornate features? The streamlined architecture of a modern bathroom pairs well with certain bathroom color schemes—think crisp whites, pretty pastels, and bright and bold hues, as opposed to more muted tones.

Traditional spaces look great painted in nearly any color. Softer shades can create a calming environment, and brighter colors can make a statement. Think about how the moldings and ceiling will play into your color scheme: White trim is a classic look that can let darker colors stand out. Painting the trim and ceiling the same color as the walls can give the bathroom an enveloping feel.

Light bathroom paint colors can help reflect light, making them a great choice for small or windowless spaces. Or embrace the darkness, or lack of square footage, with a rich and moody hue. Whether you’re making major changes to your space or just ready for a quick update, these paint colors will bring new life to your bathroom.

A stark white bathroom can be restorative, but it can be difficult to style properly. Bathroom design is oftentimes unimaginative, given the limited amount of space available for decor, so paint is of the utmost importance. Check out the bathroom color ideas below for plenty of inspiration to get you started.