5 Chic DIY Gift Ideas You Shouldn’t Wait to Make Last Minute

To make a paper ornament, you’ll need:

Step 1: Cut pages into strips

Cut the book pages vertically into one-inch strips, using the ruler as a guide. Story recommends layering a few pages to help this step go by faster.

Step 2: Create the snowflake arms

Layer the strips and then loop them back on themselves so both ends touch. This will be your main loop. Repeat this process but make the next loop smaller. Continue in this fashion to create six more smaller loops that will hug the main loop with three on each side, like a branch. Secure each snowflake arm with a small rubber band to hold it in place. Cut off the excess paper at the bottom. Repeat this step until you have created six snowflake arms.

Step 3: Create the center

Take a few layers of paper and roll them tightly into a cylinder to create the center circle of the snowflake. Use a small rubber band to hold in place.

Step 5: Attach the arms

Hot glue the snowflake arms onto the circle. One important point: The hot glue can snap the rubber bands. “I found that adding a little bit of glue then letting it cool slightly before pressing it in the center helped keep the bands intact,” Story says.

Step 6: Add some sparkle

Spray the outside edges of the snowflake with spray adhesive and cover with glitter. Story recommends having a paper plate under your project to collect the extra glitter. You can fold this plate and funnel the excess back into your glitter container to reuse for another project.

Woven coasters

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Sarahli Wilcox, of Hauz & Co., was inspired by her travels to Mexico and Arizona when DIY’ing patterned wool coasters. “After searching for loom alternatives, I came across a cardboard loom,” says the Phoenix-based creator. “From there, I knew I had all the materials at home.” She made a woven coasters tutorial that pairs well with seasonal libations—like a hot cup of cocoa or mulled wine. Wilcox recommends natural fiber yarns such as cotton or wool. These can handle heat and are great insulators.

To make a woven coaster, you’ll need:

Step 1: Create the loom

Cut a cardboard box to size: six by 11 inches.

Step 2: Create a guide

Mark a one-inch border across all sides to help with centering the coaster and trimming the loom slits.

Step 3: Trace the outline

Trace a four-by-five-inch rectangle at the center to form a coaster outline.

Step 4: Trim the slits

Now that you have the border and coaster outline, trim the loom slits at half a centimeter wide. This will help you keep the coasters aligned so you don’t end up over-tightening the weave and possibly breaking your loom or warping the project.

Step 5: Weave the pattern

For the coaster, follow this simple pattern: Use the yarn to thread in an over-and-under pattern. Alternate the pattern on the next row. “If you decide to make a pattern, always start from the middle and work your way down to your coaster outline,” Wilcox says. “That way you know how to space out each line of your design and how many rows it took.” Wilcox recommends using the dowel and fork to speed up the process. “The fork will help you tighten or loosen your weave,” she says.

Holiday screen-printed shirts

Find your inner designer this holiday season.

Give the gift of artistic flair.

Isla Read

“Getting started with screen printing doesn’t cost too much, and it’s a really great way to express your creativity,” says Isla Read, a creative based in Liverpool, England, who creates accessible screen printing tutorials, like the one below. “I’ve personally made countless gifts using screen printing.”