7 Modern Autumn Décor Items That Don’t Scream “I Love Fall”

Go bold this season with the ACDC Decker swivel chair from High Fashion Home.

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As we transition from summer’s vivid color palette to fall’s deep hues, it’s the perfect time to revamp your home décor. Swap that white linen blanket for an indigo throw, perfect for cozying up to watch a scary movie on a chilly night, or warm up your space with the cheerful scent of pumpkin spice wafting from a modern ceramic candle warmer. No matter what ambience you’re going for this season, these pieces are great for upgrading your autumn sanctuary.


This Candle Warmers ETC 2 in 1 Fragrance Warmer will upgrade your candle game, melting your favorite scented wax to change the aura in your room.

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This exquisite wooden Agora coffee table from MidinMod has bold curves, a dark walnut finish, and roomy compartments for books, magazines, remotes, and more. A modern take on a retro look, the Agora perfectly evokes autumn with its deep reds and rustic orange. 

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Go bold this season with the Decker swivel chair in ACDC Onyx sure to be a conversation starter with guests. The abstract black-and-white design brings a sophisticated touch to any home; add a splash of personality with a colorful accent pillow. 

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Leave your shoes at the door and run your feet across this Java Kipri rug from LaSierra Furniture, colored in neutrals and made to give your feet all the plush comfort they deserve. 

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The two spacious nightstand drawers from Modani Furniture can hold a variety of miscellaneous items for all your bedside needs.

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This cozy throw from Barefoot Dreams will envelop you in a soft embrace, whether lounging on the sofa watching your favorite shows or snuggling in bed. 

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There’s nothing like an accent pillow to tie your home décor together. This Dumont leather pillow adds high fashion to your space, and the chestnut shade epitomizes fall’s warm palette.

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