Are wallpaper borders really making a comeback?

If you were looking for evidence of the cyclical nature of trends, wallpaper borders are a prime example. That’s right, the passé design statement of the eighties and nineties is making a comeback, complete with a modern uplift – and it’s understandable why. In a year that saw us embrace more color and pattern than we’ve seen in a decade, it’s no surprise that this quirky wallpaper idea is set to dominate our interiors in 2023.

Whether you’re looking to add a gentle pop of color to your neutral space or you want to make a full blown design statement, wallpaper borders might just be the way to go. A simple and inexpensive design idea, they’re a brilliant way to add visual interest to a room without the commitment – or effort – of floor to ceiling wallpaper. What’s more, with the variety of positionings and paint color combinations, they allow for greater creative freedom, too.