DIY Christmas Gifts To Make From Beginner to Advanced

‘Tis the season… for giving and getting things you (and your giftees) might not really need. With sustainability becoming a paramount concern for many and the drawbacks of overconsumption entering our collective consciousness, the idea of gifting thoughtful, handmade, and possibly even zero-waste gifts is getting ever more appealing. The only problem? We’re not all as handy as we might like to be. Don’t worry though — you don’t need to be an expert maker to craft these DIY Christmas gifts! From beginner to advanced (to food-based), there’s a homemade Christmas gift idea for giver and giftee.

For Beginners: DIY Kits

diy tiny house

If you’re a complete beginner to DIY and handmade Christmas gifts, it might be smart to start out with a kit. A DIY kit allows you to fashion a thoughtful gift that shows your recipient just how much time and effort you put into giving them something special.

This make-your-own earrings kit is perfect for someone who wants to give their bestie a one-of-a-kind present this year. You can also DIY Christmas-scented candles, grow your loved one’s birth month flower, or construct a super-cute tiny house to be displayed as kitschy decor.

For Intermediate to Advanced Makers: Handmade Christmas Gifts

knit blanket

We love a good DIY at B+C. Our favorite presents are handmade Christmas gifts, and we’ve shared A LOT of handmade gift ideas in our time.

A cute winter terrarium is perfect for the quirky decor lover in your life, while nothing brings the hygge vibes more than a hand-knit blanket. Give your favorite houseplant lover some gorgeous flora in one of these DIY cement planters, or embroider a pillow that’ll add a cute touch of color to your bestie’s home.

For The Home Decor-Obsessed: DIY Decor

Anthro inspired diy chandelier

Speaking of your bestie’s home, we’ve got plenty of ideas for DIY Christmas gifts you can give in the home decor category.

Spruce up a simple IKEA desk to give your work wife a WFH chair that’s cute AND from the heart. Make magazine wall art in your giftee’s favorite colors to add a homemade, kitschy touch to their space. This Anthro-inspired DIY chandelier is another great option for artsy decor lovers. A friend who loves hostessing will appreciate this pineapple cutting board, and someone who’s into the beauty of organization will swoon over this DIY wall organizer.

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