Frazer and Haws will be housed in Saanchi Bengaluru from October 1

Saanchi Bengaluru and Frazer and Haws Delhi’s new collaborative store will showcase unique colonial furniture and silver art. Their latest collection will not only help you revamp your house for the festive season but add a touch of rustic and vintage aesthetics to your homes with carved wooden pieces, Tanjore art, silver plated articles and more. We got an exclusive preview of their upcoming projects at the Saanchi X Frazer and Haws event held on September 15 at Bangalore International Centre (BIC). The exhibition was graced by Rinku Kumar, the artisan who crafted the exquisite silver chest for the late Queen Elizebeth II.

In Sanskrit, Saanchi means ‘a collection’. And as the name suggests, the Saanchi Antiques & Treasures houses antiques and vintage colonial furniture, lights, porcelain, and collectible treasures, among others. It’s a perfect place to explore the history and design of antiques that have been carefully retrieved and restored to be reused.

Saanchi X Frazer and Haws event

On the other hand, Frazer and Haws redefine affordable luxury with a range of silver-plated collections carefully created by master craftsmen. Being commissioned by prominent silverware collectors including The Prince of Wales and The Maharaja of Nepal, F&H credit the ancestral expertise of their skilled kaarigars for offering such aesthetically crafted articles. 

Besides featuring meticulously crafted silver masterpieces and wooden curios, the event was held as a symbol of the upcoming union of both the stores. Starting from October 1, Frazer and Haws will seek refuge at Saanchi Bengaluru. Keeping in mind the art and design sensibility of the city’s audience, Frazer, Haws, and Saanchi handpicked their best items for display at the event. Through this amalgam, both wish to narrate stories through craftsmanship and hope to attract the younger generations who will carry these artforms forward.

Articles on display

“I feel delighted to be chosen for this event and to be representing Frazer and Haws. They have motivated me and helped me bring the best art from within. We are now expanding our brand footprint in Bengaluru and it couldn’t have been done with anybody better than with the people at Saanchi,” shares Rinku Kumar. 

Artisan Shri Rinku Kumar crafted an exquisite, four-feet sterling silver chest for the late queen of Britain. The beautiful piece of art features six panels with our modern history, repousse work images of the beautiful India Gate, the Indian Railway, and the Indian Parliament House. “The chest represents the relations of Britain and India. It took us about 200 artisans and over a year to complete this magnificent chest before we presented it to Her Majesty, Elizabeth II in New Delhi in 1998,” he reveals. 

The silver chest

For those of you who wish to walk through a room with coloured glass windows, hand-picked vintage furniture and collectables, Saanchi and Frazer and Haws have something interesting in the making. Both the stores are set to bring a collaborative collection of silver plated furniture in December. That’s not all, a collection of Lakshmi and Ganesha idols is scheduled to hit the shelves on Diwali and right after will follow a men’s collection featuring jewellery, portable bars and more.

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