Home office ideas for two – tips for sharing your wfh space

Designing a home office for two to share is something you possibly never thought you’d have to do, but as the way we live and work has changed, they’ve become a staple of many homes. The design of these spaces must take into account the priorities and work behaviour of the person we’re sharing with, often a significant other. Sharing a home workspace can invite distraction, so it’s important to use design to create a space where two people can harmoniously work side by side. 

‘The traditional home office was the den, the place where the Mad Men-like character, retired to do “business”‘, Eugene Colberg, principal at Colberg Architecture, tells us. ‘It’s always been there, but historically it’s been a single-person space. Now with both adults at home working, particularly as the world is navigating the work-from-home and hybrid models of work, most homes now need a home office for both working people.’