How To: Decorate Your Home Office Space So You Actually Want To Work In It

No matter how productive you claim to be, we all reach that point of procrastination when we will quite literally do anything to avoid sitting down to get some work done. Especially when you’re working from home without any responsible adult supervision and Netflix is just a few clicks away. But what we told you that you can turn procrastination into something really rather constructive, without even realising?

Use those couple of hours you’d normally spend absentmindedly scrolling through Instagram and making unwanted cups of tea to transform (or create) your home workspace into an area you actually want to be in with these really easy Pinterest tricks.

1. Try Wall Storage For Your Office

Home office wall decor ideas


If you don’t know what to do with all those little tokens of inspiration and happy photos of your loved ones without cluttering your desk, pop them on one of these super trendy wire racks or try a peg board.

2. Short On Space? The Floating Desk Is Your Solution

home office decor ideas floating desk


If you’re short on space, then a floating desk fixture is for you. Plus, they’re a great way to ensure that you don’t have to convert an entire room into your office.

3. Ideas On Wheels – Trolley Storage

home office decor ideas - trolley storage


No fixed space to knuckle down to work? Pop everything on a well-decorated trolley to become the agilest of the agile workers. Ready for anything. Prepared to nail any and all projects at all times. Queen Of Mobile Productivity, if you will.

4. Introducing The Cloffice (Closet Meets Office)

home office decor ideas- closet office


You say cupboard, we say an alcove of opportunity. Turn an empty wardrobe into a cosy little work haven that’s as easy to use as it is to ignore. Simply close the doors and forget all about that unfinished essay/report/thing you’re trying to ignore.

5. Hide Your Desk Under The Stairs

home office decor ideas - under stairs


Struggling for space? Find another home for your vacuum cleaner and old unwanted shoes and instead use the area under the stairs to get your best work done. The most neglected space in the house can very easily become the most creative one, don’t ya know?

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