IKEA office ideas – 10 ways to create a functional work-from-home space | Livingetc

If you need to create a work-from-home set-up quickly, IKEA office ideas are brilliant for fast, budget-friendly spaces that you’ll actually want to work in. With remote working the new norm, many of us are having to adapt our living quarters not just for rest and relaxation, but to allow for productivity to flourish. 

The beauty of working from home is you don’t have to bring the office’s cold, clinical feeling desks, wheeled chairs and bulky filing cabinets back into your space with you. You can create a workstation that inspires creativity without having to sacrifice on your current interior style by blending office furniture beautifully into your home. The endless list of clever IKEA hacks makes it easy to organize and tailor your work zone perfectly to your needs, so the only thing you need to focus on is the task at hand.