Mead Public Library shares story four

Mead Public Library's Scary Story Writing Contest logo.

Editor’s note: Mead Public Library and the Sheboygan Press teamed up this fall on a scary story contest for students in grades 3-12. More than 100 entries were received and seven winners were chosen, with one overall first-place winner selected. Each winner will receive prizes from the library and also have their entries published here in the Press. The first-place winner will be published online Oct. 28 and in print Oct. 30 with the others being published in the days leading up to that one. The following is the fourth of the six runners up.


By E.R. Boxrucker, ninth grader at Plymouth High School 

The concrete was still saturated from the rain from the night before and made a soft squelch with each step down the street. Front steps and lawns are covered in rotting pumpkins and cheesy fake decorations, piles of decaying autumn leaves yet to be discarded sat dormant in the suburbs. The pavement soon turned to gravel as the road stretched out of the city and into the countryside. Tall pines towered over the rocky path, only allowing glimmers of moonlight to whisper through. Ravens perched in pairs of six in the canopy above, singing their shrill warnings on deaf ears.