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Restaurants partner with Charleston artists to provide a Lowcountry dining experience

Imagine finishing a delicious meal from one of Charleston’s restaurants, and as you savor the flavors, you notice something on the plate in front of you: the rim of the plate isn’t smooth all the way around; there’s a small dip on one side, a little bit raised on the other. The plate across from you is the same one, but slightly different; there’s more dips and raises on it than yours.

The plates aren’t technically exact, but perfect in their own way.

These “imperfect creations” could be made in a ceramicist’s small backyard workshop or in a big North Charleston studio shared by a collective of local creatives.

Charleston restaurants are known to prioritize sourcing local ingredients, but some restaurants take their local approach even further, incorporating work from ceramicists and artists into diners’ experiences.

Fiorenzo Berardozzi in his studio | Ruta Smith

It’s what local artist Fiorenzo Berardozzi calls “earth to table.” Berardozzi is a ceramicist and owner of CBFB Tablescapes, a local ceramics company dedicated to working with restaurants and chefs to enhance the dining experience.