Small living room ideas – 29 ways to amplify this space

Small living rooms present design challenges, and organizing or decorating this space can be especially tricky as this is one of the most used rooms in the house. How do you strike a balance between making it feel as spacious as possible while also squeezing in extra seating, storage and keeping it stylish? What furniture should you choose, what colors should you paint the walls? Is there space for artwork?

For all this and more, we reached out to interior designers and experts to share ideas on creating a modern living room when space is in short supply. Here’s their top advice. 

Aditi is an experienced homes writer and editor. She has written hundreds of articles for various international titles helping readers make the best home design choices, and spends her days interviewing interiors industry experts to bring the latest ideas to her readers. For this piece she spoke to the world’s best designers to compile fresh living room looks to inspire.

29 small living room ideas to save you from the tiny space problems

1. Choose sectionals to maximize seating and offer comfort

A small living room with dark green walls and a deep tan sectional sofa

(Image credit: Mary Patton)

In a small space, the need is for you to choose elements that offer more functionality than one. In terms of living room furniture, instead of crowding the room, consider sectionals as their size is their strength. Since they tend to dominate the space and offer the majority of the seating, they generally do not need to be accompanied by too many other pieces.