Spring antique store offers rare finds, some dating back to 1800s

Drivers heading down Spring Stuebner Road may have noticed a distinctive farmlike establishment brimming with an eclectic mix of unique objects.

For more than a decade, Antiques at the Barn at 5602 Spring Stuebner Rd. has sold hundreds of antique items – some with histories that go back farther than customers may realize.

Gary Sealy, the owner of Antiques at the Barn, bought his first antique when he was 16 years old. Now, the 77-year-old retired salesman has a vast collection of rare items for sale, sprawled across a 4 1/2-acre property in Spring.

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It all started 12 years ago after Sealy retired, and his wife proposed the idea of selling his antiques since he had so many. Sealy and his friend decided to start selling antiques at a barn that he and his wife owned.

“The thing about antique items is that people like to have a story around it” Sealy said. “Our shop is a place to come and browse and reminisce. People love to reminisce; they see something that their grandmother had or that they grew up with as a child and somehow it got away from them and they want to have it again.”

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Antiques at the Barn has items from New England, Colorado, Montana and many other areas across the country.

When visitors first enter the property, they notice hundreds of items along the path driving in such as wheels, ropes, anchors and other heavy-duty pieces. Continuing through, they will discover thousands of unique finds displayed outdoors and inside several rustic buildings on the site.

Sealy opened the store 12 years ago but has owned the property for 22 years. He once housed longhorn cows and horses at the site, he said.

Day to day operations at the business are run not only by Sealy but also employee Brigitte Parks who Sealy likes to call the “heartbeat” of the place. Parks joined Sealy a few years back and now helps with decorating and selling décor.

With over 1,000 pieces throughout the store, Sealy said he has items that date back to 1800s including a 45-star flag, petrified wood and much more. Though, some items displayed at the barn are not for sale as Sealy says they are reserved for his “mancave.”

Antiques at the Barn isn’t a tech-savvy store, Parks said, and relies largely on word of mouth. Most of its visitors are recommended by someone they know.

“That’s the cool thing here is that when someone comes in, they might be a stranger … but when they leave here, they are friends” Parks said.

Customer Bryan Sauerland said that he was overwhelmed by the number of things he could find, adding that it makes him remember times from his childhood.

“This is awesome because a lot of antiques stores are very limited and here you just have everything,” he said. “I found my grandmother’s phone; she had that exact same phone and I have my own now. I’ve seen stuff in here that I use to play with as a kid.”

Antiques at the Barn is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. For more information visit antiquesatthebarn.boutiquewindow.com.