The Biggest Fall Interior Design Trends for 2022

moody room

William Jess Laird

At House Beautiful, we like to say that trends come and go, but personal design is forever. But still, it’s always fun to be up on the latest crazes in design, and as the fall season kicks off, we’re noticing a few common threads in the latest launches of decor and showcases of design. With our editors surveying everything from Paris Design Week to Palm Springs Modernism Week to showhouse after showhouse—and with the help of some trusted design professionals—we’ve landed on the looks that are making a splash this season… And that we think will outlast fad status… Read on for the fall 2022 design trends that are here to stay.

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We loved Camp’s subtle, plaid carpet, and are seeing inspired takes on tartans pop up all over, like in this cozy sitting room by Anthony Baratta.

This is one look that several designers agree on: “A rich, interesting mix of patterns on furniture, textiles, and wallpaper is huge,” says Molly Torres Portnof of Date Interiors. Next Waver Travis London agrees. He cites “maximalist patterns and prints,” like Moss Design did in a delightfully floral bedroom here, as a look to last.

In Rupp’s room as well as Chused & Co. founder Jenna Chused’s parlor at the showhouse, rich, muted takes on traditional jewel tones reign supreme. Think: burgundy, evergreen, ochre instead of ruby red, emerald, and citron. It’s the perfect cozy atmosphere for fall—and beyond.

In this serene-but-moody landing space, Blaire Designs also pulled in a rich hue, setting a lush backdrop with dark ochre.

Sculptural Light Fixtures

Forget boring flush mounts or chandeliers of the past: Today’s design is all about light fixtures that act as art. In this year’s Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse, Laurie Blumenfeld made a statement with a custom fixture by Avram Rusu against a Wallpaper Projects mural in what otherwise would have been an overlooked hallway.

In another room of the Brooklyn Showhouse, Rupp Studio created a moody atmosphere with lime wash walls in a rich green, the perfect complement to a lush velvet sofa, overscale art, and a patinated table by Kelvin and Philip Laverne.

Learn more about lime wash here.

This trend—seen here on the walls of Jean Liu’s entryway— was so big at this year’s Kips Bay Dallas showhouse that we devoted an entire report to it. Next Wave designer Linda Hayslett agrees, saying “fluted and reeded pieces in neutral spaces” are huge right now.

While last year may have been the year of green, our love of greenery indoors is going strong into this fall, like at the Kips Bay Dallas showhouse, where Alessandra Branca swathed the soaring walls in a leafy green print and incorporated lots of real-life greens, too. “Forest-inspired decor is everywhere,” agrees Anna Power of Tea and Table NY.

Meagan Camp took a similar approach in this solarium atop a Brooklyn brownstone, covering a wall in green drapery and incorporating fresh plants and botanical prints. Her carpet speaks to another current trend…

Another trend Linda Hayslett noted? “Marble furniture,” she says. In this landing area by Christina Kim Interior Design, a side table in rich purple marble ties into the (rich and moody!) color scheme.

If you thought this cozy material’s popularity was waning, think again: It’s all about “bouclé tectures and warm tones,” says designer KD Reid, who incorporated both into this living area.

Often overlooked when it comes to interior colors, brown is having a moment—as proven by this bedroom by Jeremy D. Clark, which makes use of a variety of patterns in the rich tone to create a layered, elegant space. Look closely and you’ll also see another favorite trend of ours reflected (pun intended) in Clark’s mirror: seashell decor!

The bolster pillow is having its moment! The cylindrical cushion adds an extra dimension to this cozy, serene monochrome bedroom by Studio Dorion.

Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the stylistic spectrum, a graphic, fringed bolster is the perfect accent to this kids room by JDK Interiors, where a colorful mural enlivens the walls.

No, that’s not ruched fabric on the walls of this hallway by Tara McCauley—it’s part of Voutsa’s Trompe L’Oeil for the New Age collection, part of a new surrealist edge coming to interiors (and the perfect introduction to a surrealist-themed bedroom by McCauley).

Blaire Designs also looked to trompe l’oeil in this hall space, swathing the walls in what looks like an aged tile pattern, but is actually a De Gournay wallcovering.

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