The top 6 home decor trends for 2023, according to Lick

In a world that feels like it’s constantly changing, there’s nothing like being able to come home to a welcoming space that grounds you and allows you to totally unwind.

It’s a privilege which isn’t accessible to all and, for those who do have it, it’s not to be taken for granted. Being able to create the space of your dreams, one which truly encapsulates your style and how you want your home to feel, is pretty damn cool.

You might be looking for inspiration on how to transform your interiors as you head towards another year, a new phase in your lives, or maybe you want a little interiors refresh to give your home the pick-me-up it needs – and we’ve got some insight for you that might help.

Paint company Lick has used research and their knowledge of the interiors world to assess what the next home decor trends will be for 2023. Their trend specialist Matilda Martin has rundown what the go-to styles will be, with sustainability, slow design and mindfulness at the heart of it all.

1. Sustainable materials (cork and aluminium)

According to Martin, the interior industry’s bid to become more sustainable means that designers and consumers alike are looking for ways to design against global waste, rather than add to it. 

From rattan and bamboo to cane and linen, there are plenty of materials that are considered environmentally friendly, and it’s cork and aluminium that Lick predicts will become increasingly popular in households in 2023 and beyond.

“Unlike its polished counterparts, cork is an approachable material,” says Tash Bradley, Lick’s director of interior design. “Its natural brown colour gives it a grounding, earthy feel, instantly making you feel more relaxed, while its rugged bark appearance adds texture, warmth and cosiness.”

Aluminium can be recycled endlessly, making it one of the most environmentally-friendly metals you can use in your home.

“The key to ensuring your space doesn’t look sterile is by mixing the aluminium with warmer tones, such as those found in wood and cork,” says Bradley. 

Lick mindful 01 wallpaper
Home decor trends 2023: Wavy stripes

2. Wavy stripes

From Bethan Gray’s iconic Inky Dhow designs and Henry Holland Studio’s striped ceramics to House Of Hackney’s Songs of the Sea collection, wavy stripes are, quite literally, making waves in the design world – and Matilda Martin explains that there is a good reason behind it.

“As the importance of the home and its role as a place of comfort, sanctuary and protection continues to grow, so will a lean towards colours, patterns, materials and shapes that provide people with a sense of emotional refuge,” she says.

Charlotte Cropper, Lick’s international colour consultant, adds that waves are often associated with water and the ocean, which are known to “evoke feelings of calm and relaxation”.

“Patterns with wavy stripes are the perfect recipe, therefore, for encouraging moments of mindfulness in the home.”

4. Layered lighting

According to Sam Bramley, Lick’s lead colour consultant: “Lighting is the second most important design element in your home, after colour.” 

And with its ability to take on new forms from different materials to sculptural shapes, we are beginning to see an increase in layering.

“Layering your lighting adds warmth and cosiness to a space, and it also gives you an opportunity to have fun with different lighting designs,” says Bramley. “Layer your lighting with illuminated pockets on the walls, striking linear lines in your floor lamps to zone areas for their function and style, and oversized pendants hanging from the ceiling for added drama.”

Home decor trends 2023: Layered lighting

4. Wallpaper borders

First popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, wallpaper borders used to be a way of hiding imperfections on walls – but now, they are being used to add a splash of colour, pattern, and character to your home.

“Wallpaper borders are a great way to highlight architectural elements and make the features you love sing,” says Bramley.

With the rise of dopamine decor and more people getting crafty and playful with their room designs, wall borders could be the perfect way to inject some subtle patterns and colour into your spaces.

5 Artisanal wares

We’ve seen the revival of the artisan and a growing interest in locally crafted homeware, which highlight an increased demand for design that is bespoke, authentic, and hand-made.

“As we move away from fast fashion as a society, we too are moving away from ‘fast design’,” says Cropper. “More and more, we’ve seen our community of decorators looking for vintage or upcycled furniture, rather than buying brand new. With this comes quality products, and making long-term sustainable and conscious lifestyle choices when it comes to our homes”.

6. Primary colours

With the tumultuous times we’re living in, finding moments to be playful and have fun is key – and this is reflected in our homes, as bold colours become increasingly prominent.

“In 2023, watch out for pops of primary colours as accessories and accents in the home,” says Bradley. “From a colour psychology perspective, the three primary colours of red, blue, and yellow represent the body, mind and emotions respectfully. Loud and unapologetic, primary colours are high saturation and will add a playful charm to a space, bringing with them unmistakable energy.”