Top 15 Home Decor Trends Predicted to Be Huge in 2021

Cottagecore, dark green walls and dried flowers are among some of the biggest home decor trends predicted to be huge in 2021.

Research conducted by the team at Roofing Megastore analysed Google Trends data to track the home trends throughout 2020 showing the biggest uplift in interest. Whether you’re planning a complete overhaul next year or want to redecorate a tired-looking room, let these trends inspire your planning.

“With most of us spending more time at home than we ever have before, the interior design of our environment has never been so important,” Gian-Carlo Grossi, Managing Director at Roofing Megastore, said.

“It’s easy to see why Cottagecore and some of the other styles that connect us to the outside world and nature are increasing in popularity – roof windows can dramatically improve an inside space by making it feel lighter and more spacious, and with the country now in a second lockdown, a little light at the end of the tunnel is something we could all probably do with.”

Take a look at the top trends to have on your radar below…

1. Cottagecore

cottage inspired living room with a floral sofa and vibrant wallpaper

Tapping into a desire to be at one with nature, cottagecore is all about bringing the outdoors in. Praised for its comforting feel, expect to see this Insta-worthy trend work its way into homes around the UK.

2. Dried flowers

dried flower arrangement, £1499, etsy

Taking the second spot is dried flowers — a trend also famed for its greater connection to nature. Some of the dried blooms that work well in the home include wheat, delphinium, laguras, hessian, lavender and broom.

3. Antique mirrors

antique looking mirror, £125, cox  cox 

Get your hands on an antique-looking mirror to spruce up your space. Keep an eye open for any with a burnished copper frame, as this will give it that vintage feel.

4. Roof lanterns

bq roof lantern

Roof lanterns are architectural lanterns which are part of a larger roof to provide natural light into the room below. Taking the fourth spot, they are great to consider if you need to brighten up a room quickly.

5. Herringbone flooring

herringbone flooring in a living room

With an increase of 177.42%, expect to see herringbone flooring in many homes around the UK. Perfect if you’re looking to create that traditional country feel.

6. Dark blue kitchens

dark blue kitchen cabinets

It’s no surprise that dark blue kitchens have made the predicted trends list. With an increase of 147.83% and more of them flooding our Instagram feeds, we’re certain many homeowners will be tapping into this trend. Are you brave enough to give it a go?

7. Roof windows

shop roof windows at velux

With many of us spending more time at home, 2021 will see homeowners look for clever ways to brighten up their spaces. Roof windows — also known as skylights – are great ways to bring in natural light.

8. Japandi

waters baths of ashbourne scandi bathroom

Known as Japanese minimalism, to achieve this trend it’s all about mixing elements of Japanese and Scandinavian furniture. It’s been making big waves with interior designers this year, so expect to see the trend trickle down into homes around the country.

9. Copper taps

water running down from antique bronze faucet tap into the bathtub

Getty Images

Elevate your bathroom or kitchen with on-trend copper taps. They’re a stylish way to upgrade your space for less — and are predicted to be huge in 2021.

10. Dark green walls

'trenon' paint, farrow  ball, from £22

Bring elements of the natural world into your home with dark, earthy greens. As well as reinforcing our connection to nature, it’s the perfect scene-stealing hue to really transform your space.

11. Scandi style

mock up frame in home interior background, scandinavian style

ArtjafaraGetty Images

While Scandi style isn’t a new trend, 2021 will see more homeowners embrace its natural, soft feel. From furniture choices to decorating schemes, expect to see Scandi everywhere.

12. Mermaid tiles

mermaid tiles, topps tiles

Want to create a striking feature wall in your kitchen or bathroom? Next year is all about the unique-looking mermaid tile. Evoking the interior style of the 1920s, each tile looks like a small fish scale when turned on its side.

13. Macrame

shop the full look at kalicramé

This clever knot design, which can be made using cord, twine, or rope, gives the home a real rustic feel. From tote bags to hanging planters, the options are endless once you know how to make it. Why not challenge yourself to have a go next year?

14. Wall panelling

blue wall panelling

Wood-panelled walls might have once been reserved for libraries and drawing rooms, but they’ve become much more popular in homes this year. Coming back in chic and modern ways, wall panels are a great way to add additional character to your home.

15. Rustic style

wooden chairs at table with flowers in natural dining room interior with poster and lamp real photo

KatarzynaBialasiewiczGetty Images

The final trend for 2021 is rustic style. If you’re looking to achieve this style at home, consider upcyling old furniture, keeping weathered wood and adding some cosy, hand-stitched materials.

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